It takes awareness, self-belief and responsibility
to choose the life and career you want.


At YourneyLab we believe in the uniqueness and singularity of each individual. We advocate for diversity and for the development of lives and careers in harmony with one’s personal values, passions, strengths and sense of purpose.

Through educational programmes, professional Coaching and Career Consulting we support young people to thrive in the personal and professional direction that resonates with who they are by awakening their inner wisdom, creativity, determination and resilience.


Unleash service yourneylab

UNLEASH is exclusively designed to support young students make informed decisions about their future careers and gain confidence in undertaking the next steps along their journey.

Open to international students in grades 9-12, the programme is conducted virtually and structured into weekly fun, interactive workshops and personal 1-1 Career Consulting and Professional Coaching sessions.

Every module of the programme is designed to help students gradually absorb the different subjects at their own pace, fostering critical thinking, challenging their limiting beliefs and broadening their views by exposing them to industry professionals and individuals from different backgrounds and cultures.

Knowing that parents and educators have a vital influence on students’ holistic growth and decision making process, we embrace the interaction and participation of all stakeholders.


At YourneyLab we believe in people’s own ability to decide what is best for them. 
And because our mission is to help individuals to take ownership of their own paths, we use the power of Professional Non-Directive Coaching to help them get there.

We specialise in working with international High School and University students and provide professional support to assist them in overcoming personal, academic and/or professional challenges, and take meaningful and effective steps to achieve their goals.

“I am able to control only that which I am aware of. That which I am unaware of controls me."

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