UNLEASH is an online Personal and Career Development Programme addressed at students aged 14-17. It is facilitated by Professional Certified Coaches and Career Advisors and aims at supporting students to make more informed decisions about their future career paths.

The programme is divided into two levels:
Foundation Level 1 and Foundation Level 2. To experience a holistic development and benefit from the entire learning experience, we recommend students to take part in both levels.


UNLEASH is divided into two levels: Foundation Level 1 and Foundation Level 2 taking students on a progressive development experience.

Foundation Level 1: October 1st – November 26th
Students will dedicate valuable time to work on understanding who they truly are, being able to perceive the uniqueness and value of their personal traits and skills, introspect on their core beliefs and motivations, and start defining their career path. All, whilst learning how to recognise and manage their emotions to navigate any challenges in their personal and professional life. 

Foundation Level 2: January 7th – March 4th, 2021
Now that students have explored their inner selves, it’s time to understand the world of work. During 3 months they will be introduced to some of the essential life and career skills that will prepare them to become responsible leaders in a global workforce, and put them into practice. Regular presentations from international professionals sharing personal and industry insights will enrich the experience. Students that complete both levels with get a LOR.

International Programme
Weekly Workshops on Wednesdays afternoons for one hour.
Fortnightly Personal Career Counselling and Coaching sessions throughout the week for 30-40 minutes.

What students will get:

  • 20+ hours of interactive workshops
  • International Industry-Expert Guest Speaker sessions
  • 10+ of individual Coaching and Career Counselling
  • Reinforcement of key life, soft- and employability skills
  • A personal reflective journal
  • Defined personal, academic and/or professional Goals and Action Plans
  • Industry connections
  • Introduction into local and virtual Career-Volunteering opportunities
  • A community of like-minded partners
  • Student Mentor and Ambassador opportunities for the upcoming year*
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • A Letter of Recommendation*

Foundation Level 1 & 2, Foundation Level 1, Foundation Level 2